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Golden, CO Launches Crowd-sourced Sightseeing App

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Unique signage around town features highly-visible QR codes and shortened URLs which provide residents and visitors with a simple way to access Golden, CO's new mobile app and provide details for city attractions.

Innovative new city marketing techniques are being employed by local governments around the world to aide in the transformation of their city into a thriving center of tourism, culture and development. More and more municipalities see the need to capitalize on their community’s assets and create good public spaces in order to attract more investment, business, residents and visitors.

The City of Golden, Colorado has been working to enhance the city’s urban appeal for its own residents as well as to visitors. Two existing programs, Visit Golden and Buy Golden, have been launched to promote tourism and commerce in this beautiful city nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Now, the Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) has launched an interactive online guide for the city as an extension of the Visit Golden website based on the newly released CommonSights App. CommonSights aims to reinvent the community map for the mobile age, featuring unique signage, civic engagement and the ability to be crowd-funded by local advertisers.

The new mobile and web app offers users a highly interactive way to find and learn about attractions that are nearby and explore the rich culture and history of the City of Golden. The app and its interactive map can be found while on-the-go, on unique signs around town, or online from far away. A key difference to other sightseeing apps, is that the city encourages residents to add their favorite places, including details about exact locations, images and external links, etc. or share places and experiences via comments, ratings and social media.

"The City of Golden is always looking to the future for ways to promote its historic downtown," said Mark Heller, Executive Director of the Golden Urban Renewal Authority. "We hope this new mobile tool will create more interest in Golden from potential visitors and residents alike."

In the coming weeks, residents and visitors will begin seeing more signs posted around town on featured locations, which are designed to spark interest and curiosity. The signs provide both QR codes and shortened URLs to give users simple ways to access the detail pages for places.

Urban Interactive Studio’s new CommonSights app utilizes crowd-sourcing, allowing GURA to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Golden’s residents. Users can offer feedback and suggest additional places while administrators remain in control of content with a simple review process. Users can rate and comment on entries to ensure that the best and most relevant places will rise to the top.

Additionally, the app’s crowd-funding model makes it easy for the city to gather support from local advertisers in order to cover the costs and generate additional revenues while providing location-based marketing opportunities for local businesses.


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